Saeed Ghani Hair Fall Trio Review

Courtesy: Kulsoom Nouman

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Hair fall is one of the biggest problems girls facing nowadays. No matter what your age is and what phase you are going through in life. You can easily get hair fall. There are so many reasons behind, it can be stress, hormonal changes or lack of nutrition as well.

My Experience:

Last year I started noticing frequent hair fall and yes that was definitely an alarming situation. I have Long silky hair, I wont say they were very thick but they were definitely very lively. Long story short I spent thousands of rupees to get rid of that very serious problem but nothing worked on permanent basis.

After using so many DIY oils and Expensive medicines I came to know about Saeed Ghani Mughziat oil. At that time I was like its not going to work, but on a second thought I decided to give it a try and eureka at that day I found my holy grail.

I went to the shop to buy only Mughziat oil but they told me about the trio Mughziat oil, Mughziat shampoo and spray. If you use the combination of all three of these you will get the results soon.

I have been using this trio since october 2015 and yes I am totally satisfied. My hair fall reduced and my hair becomes lively and silky again. I noticed growth of new hair as well.

Maghziat hair oil:

Net weight: 100 ml
Colour: bright red
Consistency: thick
Price: M.R.P Rs. 250 (inclusive of all duties and taxes)

Absorbs in the scalp within 2 hours.
A little goes a long way.
Definitely helps in reducing hair fall.
Best solution for dry and itchy scalp.
Helps in reducing dryness and flakiness.
Helps in reducing dandruff.
All herbal formula.

Packaging could be a little better.

Saeed ghani Gaysu Maghziat shampoo:

Colour: bright red
Consistency: thick
Price: M.R.P Rs. 300
Pros: a little goes a long way.
Gives you silky smooth hair.
All herbal formula.

Cons: packaging could be a little better.

Net weight:

Saeed ghani hair Growth Water:

Texture: non greasy
Net volume: 120 ml
Price: M.R.P Rs. 150

A perfect hair mist.
Totally non greasy.
Smell free.

Cons: no cons for this one

All of these pros and cons are based on my personal experience of the product. They may vary from person to person.

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