Doctor Skin Aloe Vera Gel (120ml)


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Aloe Vera Gel

Removes Acnes & Spots. This aloe gel is made from excellent decolorized aloe gel lyophilized powder extracted from natural aloe with advance lyophilization and stabilization technique that has high purity, relieves skin discomfort, keeps healthy, prevents rough skin and enhances its elasticity without any irritation.

Hydrates & Moisturizes. It uses natural moisturizing factors in aloe to moisturize skin, replenish lost moisture, restore collagen function and prevent facial wrinkles, keeping smooth, moisturized and elastic.

Lighten Scars. Aloe contains amino acids, organic acids and aloecin that inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and block melanin formation, it contains rich vitamins that can enhance the skin’s defending ability, promote cell metabolism, gradually help repair damage and reduce skin problems such as spots and acne scars.

Soothes & Protects Skin. Aloe gel is a good external drug that cools, detoxifies skin, prevents inflammation, allergies & bacterial growth, promotes cells metabolism & skin regeneration and relieves allergic symptoms such as redness swelling, heat and pain.

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