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Jojoba Oil

- 25 %

Jojoba Oil

- 25 %
Rs.1,000 Rs.750

Elevate your skin and hair to the highest of heights with Saeed Ghani’s organic jojoba oil. In terms of skin rejuvenation, jojoba oil serves as a moisturizer, cleanser, and serum for all skin types. Rich in Vitamin E content, it deeply hydrates skin, diminishing dark and acne spots, providing a natural glow effortlessly. Pure jojoba oil is a welcome addition to every hair care routine as well, preventing hair loss, adding a luxurious shine, and enhancing hair thickness and volume. A powerful tool that leads to heavenly hair and skin, jojoba oil is essential in self-care with no others like it.


• Hydrates and cleanses the skin.
• Prevents acne and dark spots.
• Adds to hair growth and nourishment.
• Reduces hair loss.



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