Saffron Rose Water

- 25 %

Saffron Rose Water

- 25 %
Rs.200 Rs.150

Saeed Ghani grants you the luxurious goodness of saffron and rose water, two ingredients that are largely proven to rejuvenate and brighten up skin. Rose water is already an efficient toner with unparalleled benefits but once mixed with saffron, they combine to provide skin with utmost nourishment, hydration and health. Regular use of saffron rose water helps eliminate the birth of blackheads, acne, pimples and any accumulation of oil on your face. The infusion acts as a natural whitener, fighting off inflammation and UV radiation, clearing up a path towards radiant, heavenly skin!

120 ml

Natural whitener
Removes and prevents acne and pimples
Clears up dead skin


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