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Vitamin C Rose Water Facial Toner

Vitamin C Rose Water Facial Toner


Saeed Ghani’s Infusion of Rose Water with Vitamin C, brings a range of excellent benefits of rose water along with the healthful benefits of vitamin C. Acting exceptionally as a tonic, serum or a toner, our Vitamin C Rose Water for face deeply hydrates skin, removes impurities, excess oil and dirt and protects skin from pollution and UV rays. Vitamin C Rose water unclogs your pores and maintains an even skin tone with its antioxidant properties. This makes it a perfect candidate as your next toner or face serum, and whichever one you use it as, with consistency, it’s bound to have effective and prominent results. (120ml)

●Helps reduce puffiness under the eyes
●Lightens pigmented skin
●Refreshes and hydrates skin, giving it a natural glow
●Regulates skin cells for firm and youthful-looking skin

Customer Reviews

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Highly refreshing toner

Zain Ul Abideen
Best in the business

I've been using it since lockdown and I've found it the best. Keeps the skin hydrated and fresh! Saeed Ghani is the best name in the best when it comes to herbal products.

Leena Rizwan
Vitamin C toner

Highly recommend. Must try. Best ever rose water

Inshal Abbas

Vitamin C Rose Water Facial Toner

Wajid Khan

I received my parcel 2 weeks ago and I'm completely satisfied from Saeed Ghani products. Very good result from Rose water vitamin C especially in this summer season. I highly recommend to try at once.

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