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3 Face Masks That Are An Essential For Your Skincare!

The weather is changing, there is dust in the air and constant pollution. You’re stressed and busy and caught up in a hectic schedule…what is one thing that is being constantly damaged because of this? Your skin! Sure, there’s other things but we all know that your skin bases the foundation of your whole look and if the foundation is weak then your whole look just ends up getting affected. And what better way to give your skin a rest and cleanse than face masks? Let us run you through the 3 face masks that should definitely be incorporated into your skincare routine!

Face Mud Mask

Mud masks have been a popularity since forever and are becoming available in so many different types too. And why shouldn’t they be? They’re great exfoliators and fight off bacteria like a pro. They delve deep into your skin and unclog pores, removing every impurity, improving blood circulation and absorbing all the excess oil like a sponge. It scrubs off all the dirt that you’ve been carrying on your skin for a long time and leaves it feeling healthy and refreshed. They’re especially good for people with oily skin who need a quick solution to the impurities gathered on their face. Most importantly, they produce immediate results! So if you’re going to a party and want rejuvenated skin then apply a mud mask and expect swift results, but make sure you moisturize your skin after because mud masks can leave skin a bit dry sometimes. If you’re looking for an easily available face mud mask then Saeed Ghani provides the accurate product which is not only extremely affordable but widely appreciated as well.

Multani Mud Powder Face Mask

We’ve all been told at least once by our grandmothers or elders about how good multani mitti is for your face…and they’re right! So why not listen to them? This remedy for better skin has been circulated in every desi household and as it should be! It works wonders and what better way to use it than by putting it as a face mask? Multani mitti, which is also known as fuller’s earth, is widely famous for reducing acne and pimples and giving your skin a whole glow up if used consistently. It contains oil absorbing properties which quicken the healing process needed to fight acne and impurities, removing blackheads, whiteheads and excess sebum. It makes sure all the dead skin which contains dirt and sweat that accumulates on your face is removed and is replaced with shinier and healthier skin. Not only does it brighten your complexion but it evens out your skin tone too so all the specific areas on your skin that become darker due to more exposure to the sun can become lighter again. All the sun that your skin is exposed to leaves it tanned and pigmented but multani mitti being an effective cooling agent, treats all that including skin rashes and infections too! Being a completely natural ingredient, it has no side effects as well. To get an effective Multani Mud Powder face mask, Saeed Ghani provides a 100 gm reasonable pack which is combined with lavender too. 2 tablespoons of this mask mixed with rose water can guarantee amazing and long lasting results for all skin types, especially oily skin.

Sandal Powder Face Mask

Lastly, a face mask that isn’t so popular but should be! A rare gem but produces worthwhile results. Being a natural preservative and anti-septic, sandalwood is used in soaps and creams and now in a face mask too so that your skin can get direct exposure to it for better treatment. It contains anti-bacterial properties which fight off bacteria that causes acne which is one of its main functions. From its numerous health and beauty benefits, reducing blemishes and skin rashes is one of them too. The sun exposure that you’ve been subject to can be treated with this face mask and leave you with brighter and deeply exfoliated skin. It also has long term effects like reduction of wrinkles and dry skin which are signs of aging so if you’re stressing out about how your skin will look like 30 years or so from now, we’ve got you covered with this remedy that is much better than commercial beauty products which also has a ton of side effects! Apart from these benefits that this mask on your skin, it also has a pleasant smell which will automatically drive you towards it. What better place to avail a Sandal Powder Face Mask than from Saeed Ghani where it’s available in a 25 gm with the certainty of splendid results?

Well, we’ve listed down the 3 face masks that we believe you NEED for your skin so all you need to do is run to your nearest Saeed Ghani store where all these masks and more is available for you to treat your skin to!

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