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Creed Aventus (Our Impression)

Creed Aventus (Our Impression)


Creed Aventus is nothing short of a legendary perfume, and our impression does not disappoint, bringing you a classy scent that expresses volumes of caliber.
Our impression of Aventus kicks off with the fresh, citrusy mix of pineapple, bergamot, black currant, and apple notes. These notes set a bright, lively tone, exuding the freshness of palm trees in the summer. This crisp opening creates a lightness in the atmosphere, adding an effect reminiscent of memorable summer days.
After these notes, the scent subtly transitions into an exotic and beautiful flowery one, with notes of jasmine and rose. This subtle transition, supplemented by tones of birch and patchouli, creates an appealing yet exuberant scent that adds a layer of grandeur to every passing moment.
The closing is a subtle yet significant shift, one filled with notes of Vanille, musk, and oakmoss. This closing creates an impeccable finish, weaving the scent together with an intimate, musky smell and a gentle touch of masculinity thus creating the ideal closing act for the grand scent.


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