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3 Oils That Will Do Wonders For Your Skin

We’ve all heard of face washes, facials, scrubs, exfoliators, face masks, soaps, toners…and the list goes on but what about resorting to the number one natural solutions that we’re already blessed with? Yes, oils! The one ingredient that reaps benefits for your hair, body, skin and so much more! Get rid of the expensive and time consuming visits to parlors, salons and shops for skin treatment of facial and commercial products when the perfect solution is being presented to you by Mother Nature. Having said that, let us run you through the 3 main oils that will transform your skin!

1-Almond Oil

Packed with nutrients, this oil will change the condition of your skin in every good way! It contains vitamin A which regulates the production of new skin cells, zinc which heals acne and facial scars, and vitamin E which protects your skin from ultraviolet radiations of the sun and omega-3 fatty acids which prevent premature aging. Through its inflammatory and emollient properties, it reduces swelling and brightens your complexion. The fatty acids it has help remove the excess oil from your face which makes it efficient for oily skin. Almond oil for skin has been used since centuries in Chinese medicine for example too because it is proven to treat eczema and skin conditions for dry skin and reducing scarring as well. However, its best and most popular function is effective treatment of dark circles with its antioxidant properties. Combining it with other secondary ingredients like honey and then massaging it under your eyes can entail even better results. It can be used in various ways too, as a cleanser, makeup remover and moisturizer! So ditch your makeup remover and switch to this natural oil which is guaranteed to not have harmful side effects unlike expensive commercial products. But make sure you do a patch test on your skin before applying it and people with nut allergies, this oil is unfortunately for you but we have other alternatives for you!

2-Argan Oil

You must have heard of this oil working wonders on hair but it is equally beneficial for your skin and it’s as good for all skin types! It has been used in Morocco by women to protect them from sun damage and prevent burns and hyperpigmentation. In a country like Pakistan, protection from the sun’s rays is also important which is why this oil comes in handy. It allows water to retain itself quicker in your skin through the presence of vitamin E and its antioxidant properties. It also regulates sebum in your skin with its anti-sebum effects which acts as a perfect treatment of acne and makes your skin smoother too. Due to its healing properties, it can be used on skin infections, wounds and cuts and as an anti-aging treatment too. Argan oil is also extremely efficient for stretch marks and will satisfy you with results in just a few weeks. You can consume this oil orally through supplements too.

3-Pure Castor Oil

Another well-known remedy for everything! Use this oil as an alternative for moisturizer because its properties are that effective. The fatty acids this contains bring back the original moisture of your skin, balancing its moisture and treating acne accordingly. It is also great for dark circles because it shrinks blood vessels and easily and quickly removes the annoying dark circles that we are subject to. With its abilities of boosting collagen production, it allows for skin to be rejuvenated by helping it nourish and hydrate which helps in the reduction of wrinkles. Pure castor oil is proven to be good for dry skin and locks moisture during winters especially when we’re all tired of scaly feet and hands. Another remedy that it is fruitful for and has been pretty popular among beauty bloggers recently is of eyebrow and eyelash growth. For all the people fed up with their naturally small eyelashes or thin eyebrows, instead of turning to extensions, apply this on your eyelashes consistently and leave it overnight for healthy and swift growth.

Some people are reluctant to use oils on their skin because of the fear of their skin turning oilier. However, these 3 oils are proven to result in lesser oil on your face and more moisture and glow. They can be used as substitutes for your moisturizer, makeup remover and cleanser and a guarantee of no side effects. Just make sure you do a patch test on a part of your skin beforehand to ensure that it isn’t irritating or burning your skin. Now that you trust the productivity of these natural oils, to purchase them, you will also need a reliable brand and Saeed Ghani is available to your rescue! Visit your nearest Saeed Ghani store and get your hands on any of these oils at reasonable prices and authentic quality.

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