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The Solution To Hair Protection And Repair

With this busy everyday life and changing weather and pollution, a lot of things tend to get damaged and one of them include your hair. Heat and dryness can make it weak and impaired and with hectic schedules and stacked up routines, most people are unable to find time to take care of their hair as well. Who wouldn’t want healthy, luscious locks without having to spend an unreasonable amount of money or effort on them? Well, don’t fret because we have the simplest solution to this issue. And that is…OILS! Yes, a greasy head doesn’t look pleasant but the outcomes that it produces are more than worth it! If Mother Nature has gifted us with this solution so generously, why not use it properly? Not only will you be availing a fully natural solution but seek more benefits than you would’ve thought you could encounter! Enough chit chat, let’s now run you through the best 5 hair oils that should definitely be in everyone’s hair care routine!

Coconut Oil

The good old remedial oil for damaged hair that our grandmothers have been recommending since always, right? And it’s good not only for damaged hair but can be used for a lot of other things as well. Most importantly, it nourishes your scalp through the fatty acids and vitamins it contains and speeds up the growth of your hair alongside. It controls frizz and tames the crazy split ends that arise coincidentally always before you’re going out. It kills all the annoying dandruff and lice in hair too. Use it as a makeup remover, a detangler, whitening toothpaste, a means to burn fat and so much more, an all-rounder indeed! However, just like everything is useless when used too much, make sure you use it in a limited way. Too much of consistent use can turn already damaged hair more brittle and stiff because of the added protein build up.

Rosemary Oil

Having origins from Mediterranean roots where it was initially used as medicine and food, this oil is derived from healing herbs and is available in essential oil form. Not only does this prevent hair loss but contributes to hair growth at the same time. Due to its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps cure itchiness on your scalp which can fight dandruff, reduce male pattern baldness and prevent premature graying too. It protects your natural hair color and helps your hair flourish in the healthiest way alongside. The carnosic acid that it contains seeks to heal tissue and nerve damage too thereby improving circulation and restoring hair growth. A 10 ml bottle of this amazing oil can be found at Saeed Ghani where they make sure it is made without any harmful chemicals and served in all its natural glory!

Tarchup Hair Oil

What if you could get a mixture of nature’s glory as a hair solution in a small bottle? Well, there’s just the right herbal hair tonic for you developed by none other than Saeed Ghani. It contains a blend of refined shikakai and sesame oil mushed up in a single and readily available product. This oil delves deep into your hair cuticles and strengthens them, attempting to make them smoother which adds to hair growth and thickness. Protecting your precious locks from the abundant pollution and dust in the air and making sure they remain squeaky clean and healthy is also included in the Tarchup Hair Oil Benefits.

Mughziat Oil

Lastly, who wouldn’t want all those oils and more mixed up in one bottle filled with all different ingredients? Mughziat oil to your rescue! The perfect blend of natural ingredients guaranteed to leave you satisfied with the improvement of your hair. It contains a mixture of various oils including mineral oil, neem oil, castor oil, clove oil, olive oil, mustard oil and coconut oil and has been pretty popular recently as well. Among its many functions, reducing hair fall is one of the main ones. It aims to repairs the damage that your hair has already endured and then makes sure that it doesn’t happen again, preventing hair breakage and providing an added shine to it too. The most well-known Mughziat oil can be found at Saeed Ghani where they make it with their ancestral recipe, making an all in one efficient hair repair solution.

Now that you’re aware of the 4 main oils that have numerous benefits what are you waiting for? Some of these oils aren’t very common but they will definitely leave you with expected results and even more than you expected! Once you show up with luscious and glowing locks, everyone would be curious to know the secret to your hair improvement. They would also be searching for a reliable and authentic brand to provide those products and Saeed Ghani should be your number one recommendation! You can find all these oils and more at your nearest Saeed Ghani shop and avail them in reasonable and affordable prices.

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