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Aloe Vera Soap

Aloe Vera Soap


Aloe vera’s natural soothing, cleansing and clearing abilities facilitate Saeed Ghani’s Aloe vera Soap  to nourish, refresh, and revitalize your skin, making it a skincare tool that rejuvenates the entire body, allowing for fresher, softer and cleaner skin. Antioxidants and anti-aging properties grant skin buttery softness, gentle smoothness and an undeniable youth, while the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties help the soap purge acne, puffiness and dark spots. Exceptional  in dealing with sunburn and uneven skin tone, our natural Aloe vera Soap is an all-encompassing solution for skin, with benefits that help achieve transformative effects on it, leading to clear, supple and eternally radiant skin.

75 gm

Fights acne.
Reverses wrinkles.
Cleanses skin.
Effective against uneven skin tone.


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