Neem Face Wash

Neem Face Wash


Bringing you the herbal goodness of Neem, Saeed Ghani offers its natural Neem Face Wash for perfect glowing skin. In addition to the herbal properties of neem, the face wash also brings you the benefits of glycerin, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, and the aroma of essential oils.

The neem counters any effects of acne and pimples to give you clear and smooth skin. It also removes any blemishes, spots, and wounds from your skin while the glycerin moisturizes your skin and locks the glow in it, while Vitamin B5 softens your skin. The herbal neem facewash also protects your skin against UV lights with its vitamin E content. Everything comes together to give you flawless skin and naturally glowing skin. 

Saeed Ghani Neem Face Wash is available in a size of 60ml and carries the following benefits:

Purifies skin using its antibacterial qualities.

Moisturizes skin to add a natural glow.

Protects your skin against UV light.

Softens skin to make it younger.


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