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BEST FRAGRANCES FOR WOMEN: Be the best smelling person in every room


Be the best smelling person in every room


Who hasn’t this happened to: you’re talking to a person and everything’s alright, when suddenly, it hits you: a tsunami of horrible smell envelopes you and suddenly you don’t want to be there anymore. Well, if you’re reading this, odds are you aren’t one of those people. Just like being bad smelling can have that effect, being amazing smelling has the opposite but equally extreme. It truly makes a massive difference, being the best smelling person can make a statement about you and just make people happier around you. So you want to level up your scent game? We’re here to help, by giving you a list of the best perfumes for women in Pakistan. The perfumes Pakistan has to offer aren’t few, there are tones of variety and we’ll help you choose! Not only that, in the end we’ll give you some easy ways to find them as well!


Tommy Girl:

The Tommy Girl perfume by Tommy Hilfiger is one of those sweet, fresh, fruity scents that exude good vibes. Extremely popular, Tommy girl is an essential for the summer, with top notes of apple tree blossom, camellia, mandarin orange and black currant, middle notes of honeysuckle, rose, mint, lily and violet and base notes of magnolia, jasmine and more. It’s citrusy scent is bound to remind you of the warm, light breeze of summer, along with beaches and palm trees, a genuine must have in every women’s collection. It’s simple, yet brilliant, somewhat similar to what blue jeans are in clothes. With thousands of women swearing by it and keeping it their go to, you really CANNOT go wrong with Tommy Girl.


Monica Blue Sea:

The perfume Monica Blue Sea has a much more intimate smell, that rosy smell that is associated with the important memories. Could be that time you spent on the beach with your family, that bonfire you really enjoyed, the first time you spoke to your partner or that one lunch with your classmates that you’ll always remember, Monica Blue Sea would remind you of it and amplify that feeling during more moments like that. Reminiscent of a soft, bubbly wave gently caressing the shore after sunset, the Monica Blue Sea perfume is an excellent addition to your collection.



Of course, every woman wants a scent for different occasions, variety is important and Miracle adds just that. The perfume Miracle by Lancôme is a spicier and floral scent, starting with notes of litchi and freesia, then magnolia, pepper, ginger and jasmine and finishing off with jasmine, musk and amber. As Lancôme puts it, Miracle can be described by the words energy and revelation. An extremely romantic, feminine and warm yet sophisticated scent, Miracle smells so miraculously good you’d want to eat it. Perfect for adding that refreshing spark to your winters and exuding cheerfulness in the summers, miracle is a definite classic that’s vital to your collection.


Hugo Femme:

All of the perfumes we’ve mentioned so far would be perfect for every woman. But what if you’re different, you’re not like other women or other people even. Maybe you aim for the skies and have the qualities of a leader, paralleled with joy and an ethereal energy. Well, if that’s you, the perfume Hugo Femme is just for you. It’s a unique perfume for those that like to stand out from the rest and radiate energy and joy. With notes like Freesia, Tangerine, black currant, Bulgarian Rose, lily, Lemon Tree, jasmine, amber and apricot, Femme has a romantic, delicate and beautiful scent. It’s a distinct but excellent choice for your next go to perfume.


Aventus for Her:

The perfume Creed Aventus has quite the name in men’s fragrances and is regarded as one of the top tier perfumes, the very best. Notorious for its legendary name, Creed Aventus is the first person that comes to every boy’s tongue when asked about perfumes. So naturally, when Creed decided to do a release for women, there was quite a roar. It did NOT disappoint. A strong, spicy, fruity and powerful scent with notes of violet, green apple, violet, musk, black currant and ylang ylang, it exudes pure class and luxury. Of course, with that amount of luxury in a bottle, an exceptionally hefty price is definitely part of the package. However, there are many who believe it’s worth the price and more (don’t worry; we got you covered for the price. Read till the end and find out how to get the scent for much cheaper!). It’s exceptionally perfect for work: clean, citrusy, elegant.


Well, there you have it, those are our top picks for women perfumes. You deserve to smell as amazing as possible and you can use these perfumes to amplify your personality evens more! We truly believe that any one of these could be excellent as your new go to perfume, and sure if you really want to go all out, getting your hands on all of them would give you a formidable collection.


Where do you get these though? Well, we made sure to include perfumes that are readily available. That’s right, EVEN in Pakistan! Going to any store nearby, you’d find most of these available as they are popular top choices. As for the prices, some will cost not too much while some will swallow your wallet right up. If only there was some way to get all of these perfumes at an extremely affordable price. But some things are too good to be true, right?


WRONG! We’ve got your back. Saeed Ghani happens to offer their impression of ALL of these perfumes in their SIGNATURE PERFUMES collection. The smell is identical to the real deal! It comes in a nice classy bottle and you can get yours on their website RIGHT NOW!


So there you have it! No time to waste now. Pick the one that feels right to you and treat yourself! It’s never not the right time to start smelling absolutely amazing!

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