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What Are Essential Oils? Why Do You Need Them?

Self – care has become a MASSIVE category. There’s tonnes of different products and there’s even more variety in the types of each of these products. Self-care ranges from face washes and cleansers to conditioners and shampoos to foot creams  and multivitamins. And even in these there’s different products for different skin types, there are chemical-free versions, non-sticky versions and more. As you can see, there’s a LOT, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed and even lost by it all. That’s why, quite often, certain products and remedies come into the spotlight and establish a reputation for themselves, but most of us only hear about them. There are so many we end up hearing of that we never really get into either of them, never see what they’re actually for, what they can do for us. Essential oils are one such product. They’ve acquired quite the reputation and have become quite popular over time. Still though, most people have just heard about them but never even bothered to get to know more about them, judge if they could possibly benefit from them. Well, we’re here to bring you to that point where you know what they are and if they’re any good.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential are extracts from various plants. They’re extracted through various different methods, but what makes them fit into the ‘essential’ category of oils is that they are never mixed with any chemical oils of any sort. Hence, if you’re a nature freak or even just appreciate natural products, these could potentially be a great choice for you. These essential oils are extracted in a way where they carry the particular essence of the plant, meaning either smell, flavor or in most cases, both. There are quite a few benefits that come with different uses of these oils, they wouldn’t be this popular just for smelling good after all. So, what we’re going to do is go through some of the popular choices you have in essential oils, and what benefits these could potentially have for you. After that, hopefully it’s easier for you to decide if any of them could benefit you (personally, they’re very interesting, we think they definitely could).

  • Lavender oil: the use of lavender oil is wildly popular, all across the globe. The scent of lavender oil has some evidence that backs it up as a major help with stress related problems. There have been studies that showed that lavender oil helped soothe stress and lessen it, and in turn, there are even studies that show it helped people with anxiety, insomnia and more. The lavender oil price in Pakistan is also low, and it’s relatively easy to get your hands on as a lot of major companies sell it and it’s available in quite a few stores.
  • Jasmine Oil: jasmine flowers are renowned for their gorgeous smell, and this scent in jasmine oil has quite a few benefits. Jasmine oil is great as a mood enhancer. This means that a few sniffs of it  can boost your mood to an extent, and even help with depression. It’s no magic pill, but there’s definitely some benefit there. Not only that, jasmine oil also helps lessen the pain of childbirth, even making your mood less horrible during the process. Lastly, jasmine oil is also shown to have a positive effect on your libido.
  • Tea tree oil: by far the most popular essential oil, tea tree oil is EVERYWHERE these days. There’s good reason this specific essential oil is that widely used, and why it’s infused in so many products nowadays. Tea tree oil is the ultimate bacteria exterminator. It kills all sorts of bacteria, which is a great boost to your immunity. This makes tea tree oil great as a sanitizer (for Corona though, stick to alcohol driven sanitizers). Bacteria isn’t all tea tree oil can handle either, it even works excellently as an insect repellent! It’s anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties also make it excellent for clearing your skin of dirt, and hear this, tea tree oil is an excellent acne solution as well!
  • Peppermint oil: peppermint oil may not be as popular as these other essential oils as a solo product, but a lot of products avail its capabilities often. Peppermint can serve as the perfect instant boost of energy you need, similarly to caffeine. Sniffing it affects your nerves in a way where it just instantly adds a jolt of energy. Moreso, it’s laxative properties also make it great for supporting digestion, helping with constipation and problems of the sort. That’s not all either, peppermint oil has also been observed to have an effect on headaches and migraines. The application of peppermint oil seems to really just make them much less miserable, and we all know how much of a godsend that is.

These are the most popular and probably the most effective essential oils out there. We hope that this blog gives you some clarity on them and hopefully you found one that could benefit you in any way. We feel that each one of them could serve a great role in helping with any specific problem, and we believe either of these essential oils would serve you greatly. However, that’s not all, we want you to have a reliable brand to get them from as well. Saeed Ghani’s jasmine oil, lavender oil, and other oils are completely natural and reliable, and you can get them online or from any stores either. So, what’s stopping you, get your hands on either or all of these and start seeing the changes in your life! 

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