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Oils & Their Magical Effects On Skin

The act of applying oils for skincare is an ancient cultural practice that rejuvenates and revitalizes your entire look. There is a diverse range to choose from when taking care of your skin. However, today the focus will be on two exceptional natural oils that are genuinely worthy for your facial skin.

Almond and Castor oils truly take over their counterparts by a storm. Other oils inevitably become more irritating and suffocating the longer they are left on your skin when compared to them. Both oils are incredibly effective against both oily and dry. It may seem counterintuitive to apply them to oily skins, but they prevent sebum accumulation and give your skin a fresh look in the long run. So let's dive into the benefits each of these oils provide for your skin.

Almond Oil For Skin

A truly instrumental product when it comes to skincare. Almond oil has anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting properties that make it a genuinely commendable serum. It allows for protection against UV radiation damage. It acts as a barrier that promotes healthy moisture levels and keeps your skin hydrated. When applied, it softens your skin texture and provides it with a complete ethereal, luminous glow. 

Almond oil also has attributes that reduce itching and swelling, especially from clinical ailments such as eczema or psoriasis. It is an alternative to harsher medication for acne patients, which act as a deterrent for sebum build-up. It changes the complexion and levels out the skin tone over time, unveiling a fresh and better version of your skin. If you're looking for a more homoeopathic approach to enhance your skin's overall beauty, try adding almond oil into your skincare routine. Almond oil will shield the skin from the sun while still repairing any damage resulting from UV ray exposure. Exposure to the sun typically causes degradation and ageing, although this is significantly decreased by the application of Almond oil. The oil is a rich antioxidant with dense concentrations of vitamin E, magnesium phosphorus, and copper, which also helps counter stretch marks or wrinkles that occur on your skin. 

However, with all of that said, it is crucial to note that Almond oil has adverse effects on those who may suffer from nut-related allergies. The oil has a slow absorption rate and is preferred to be used as a standalone ingredient for your skin. Alternatively, it can also be integrated into a light moisturizing routine and is often used by companies in baby skincare products.

Almond oil has been used to soothe, soften, and heal the skin for thousands of years. It's still a standard skincare product today thanks to its anti-inflammatory and emollient effects, as well as its high nutrient content.

Pure Castor Oil

Another exceptional oil that nurtures and cares for your skin efficiently. Castor oil is derived from the pressing of castor seeds. It has a thicker texture than most due to its richness in vitamin E. Castor oil's healing properties are highlighted by modern Ayurvedic medicine and are believed to have been developed as far back as ancient Egypt, where the oil was thought to be an immunity-boosting elixir. However, it is generally not recommended to people with acne-prone skin because oils clog pores and worsen acne.  But in winters, the moisturizing properties are particularly beneficial for chapped lips and parched hands and feet.

Castor oil is potent against wrinkles and fights against ageing. It stimulates collagen and elastin production, which are softening and hydrating agents. Castor oil is also known for its mending effects in treating dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and other skin disorders due to its antibacterial properties. The oil hydrates skin while still fighting bacteria, helping to break the cycle of irritation and inflammation.

Besides skincare, it stimulates hair growth and promotes hair health, especially for eyebrows and lashes. Additionally, it is generally not recommended to people with acne-prone skin because oils clog pores and worsen acne.  But in winters, the moisturizing properties are particularly beneficial for chapped lips and parched hands and feet. Another adverse side note to keep in mind when using castor oil is that doctors also warn against using castor oil during pregnancy because it can cause the uterus to contract. 

Castor oil has been used as an effective natural cure for several health problems for thousands of years. It is a decent option if you're looking for a low-cost, multi-purpose oil to have in your medicine cabinet.

Regardless of the choice of oils, the use of oils in skincare remains to be an essential facet in everyday self-care routines. Our recommendations for oils will not disappoint and will allow you to achieve the glowing and healthy skin you need and want.

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