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Road To Perfect Hair And Skin

Nowadays, people face many issues regarding the health of their skin and hair. There are many reasons around us that deteriorate the condition of these two important components of our body. Firstly, let’s focus on what causes our skin to appear wrinkled, scarred or spotted? It can be due to the following reasons

  1. Harmful chemicals found in cleansing and makeup products- your   makeup item may help you look beautiful but it may contain unnatural chemicals that  hazardous for your skin
  2. Insufficient intake of water- adequate consumption of water makes our skin resilient and soft by removing all toxins and impurities from the body
  3. Increased use of sugar- people with high blood sugar level are prone to develop skin problems mainly common issues such as pimples, acne and wrinkles that make a person look older than their actual age
  4. Not removing makeup before going to bed- sleeping with your makeup on allows oil and makeup components to enter your skin and makes one vulnerable to pimples,blackheads etc
  5. Lack of nutritious diet- fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities provide a calming effect to our skin and maintain the complexion.
  6. Inability to manage stress- stress hormones released by our body cause inflammation to our skin that consequently leads to acne and other stress-related skin problems.

The only solution to get rid of poor skin and its problems is to encounter it.  The key to achieve a soft and smooth skin starts from following a regular skin care routine, switching to skin-friendly products, finding the best face wash that is suitable for your skin type, avoiding excessive makeup and most importantly increasing the intake of water.

Along with taking good care of our skin, we often lack interest and attention towards the care of our hair. Hair health care must be an important part of our lifestyle and people must practice it on a serious note. Our hair is  all of the time open to pollution, dust and chemicals in our surroundings. Sometimes they are also affected by harmful chemicals that are included in our products. However, not only the environment or the chemicals are dangerous for the hair, but some of our habits are maybe the reason behind poor hair growth and appearance such as:

  1. Tying up your hair most of the time- having your hair tied up tight all the time can put excessive strain on the roots that can result in permanent hair loss
  2. Using heat on  wet hair- sometimes people use straighteners or curlers on damp hair and end up with unhealthy  and damaged hair.
  3. Unwashed hair brush- brushes contain built up dead skin cell, oil and of course hair from the scalp. If not washed once a week, then it can be unhealthy for our hair.
  4. Hot showers- hot water has adverse side effects on one's hair. It removes moisture from the scalp and causes dry hair and breakage.
  5. Brushing wet hair- wet hair is very fragile therefore brushing them increases their tendency of breaking easily. It is best advised to brush the hair with a comb or when it has dried fully.

Many women want their hair long and healthy, but they usually don't know how to get their dream hair. Here are some tips to help your hair grow longer and stronger.

  • Sufficient amount of protein in diet is necessary for ideal hair growth.
  • Essential oils are effective for hair growth
  • A scalp massage not only helps you relax but it also contributes to the good health of your hair.
  • Cut down heat from the curlers, hair dryers, straighteners etc. Limited use of such tools can reduce  the rate of  hair breakage.
  • There are many homemade remedies as well to ensure good health of our hair. You can also use our popular hair growth water. It nourishes your hair through the help of enriched herbal ingredients. Many customers have given a positive response for our fast hair growth water review that satisfied them with optimal results.

How can a nutritious diet help your hair growth?

If you want your hair to be thicker and beautiful then you must start working on your diet. Add foods rich in proteins, fats and vitamins to your meal and notice how your hair gets well-nourished and free from all kinds of problems. Following is a list of some ideal foods that can help your hair grow in the healthiest way:

  1. Egg: being rich in protein, egg helps in reducing hair loss and makes hair thick
  2. Fish: it is also a source of protein and several other nutrients that provide the hair with good volume
  3. Pumpkin seeds: they are ideal for hair growth as they repair damaged hair cells and follicles
  4. Tomatoes: are a combination of various proteins and vitamins that nurture the protein level in our hair and scalp. This helps in improving the health of our hair
  5. Whole wheat grains: they are said to be effectual in making the hair strong and prevent hair fall
  6. Figs: they are a good source of rich nutrients that improve blood circulation and promote better hair growth. It also adds to the shiny and smooth hair texture.
  7. Onions: are helpful in strengthening and moisturizing our hair
  8. Carrots: can be consumed in order to overcome hair loss.

These must be the common food items that we daily eat but a proper balanced diet along with these nutrients rich fruits and vegetables can prove to be very beneficial for us. Not only it boosts good hair growth but it is also effective for attaining a healthy and refreshed skin.  

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