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Shine Through Your Skin

Skin care and beauty treatment has been a prevailing tradition continuing from ages. One can realise its importance by looking back at how the ancient ruler Cleopatra would take milk baths to maintain her skin. More to that thousands of herbs were used in medicinal ways to treat illness as well as skin problems. In the modern world with all the facilities readily available, people now tend to take skin issues as a serious matter. 

As the month of May is celebrated as skin cancer awareness month, a lot of people have diverted their attention to their skin health. Skin cancer is caused typically due to extreme exposure to sun which transmits UV rays into your skin. It is a must that you wear sunscreen whenever going outside the house. 

Take proper care of skin by removing harmful particles on your skin surface with the help of natural skin products.

There are many items in the market that are also low in prices. However this does not mean you can go for it before knowing about your skin type. While choosing the best face wash, neem face wash and ubtan face wash are preferable to all skin types. 

Always remember, you are definitely not being extravagant if you are buying some essential skin care products. It is just as important as any other thing in your daily life. Making your skin suffer through shedding cells in the dry season without any good moisturizer is not a good way to treat yourself. It does not take much time to write down an effective routine for your facial therapy. This can prove worthy in treating your acne, wrinkles and dehydrated skin. After all it is you who will turn out to look young and lively with that glowing face of yours.

Neem being one of the natural ingredients for skin care products is used to make neem face wash, soap, creams and other products. Since neem has necessary fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties, the manufactured goods of it helps to keep your skin healthy as well as prevents rashes and itchiness. Saeed Ghani neem face wash brings it advantage for the people with oily skin. With its antibacterial qualities, it acts as a beneficial acne and acne scars treatment leaving your skin soft and moisturized. Regular use of this acne clear neem face wash will ensure you glowing and hydrated skin over a time period.

There are also many ways to use neem directly as it is:

For Cleansing

Neem contains antibacterial qualities which is quite helpful in fighting the acne breakout. It also removes excess release of oil on your face which makes it look shiny all the time. You can make your own neem toner at home by simply boiling some neem leaves in water. Store the water after it cools down and dab it with cotton whenever you need. As it also has antioxidants, it will moreover reduce the effect of absorbed uv rays from the sun exposure.

For Face Mask

Although there are numerous face masks available, you can still try to make one at home. Neem helps in locking the moisture in your skin and gently heals the redness or irritation problems. It is also an effective solution for infection and skin burns. Add a few spoons of neem powder and sandalwood powder of the same amount. Then add rose water to it and make a paste. Apply the mask for around 30 minutes and wash off with cool water. 

Another traditional skin care good is ubtan. A herbal paste made after mixing other natural ingredients such as sandalwood powder or neem powder, turmeric, milk, rose water, almond and lemon juice. As each element carries its own quality, there are several recipes for ubtan. It is used to achieve flawless and glowing skin. Mostly used for brides in desi culture as a must beauty treatment. It works well to make your skin look soft and smooth as well as maintains skin texture. It also serves as medicine for treating acne. Its products like ubtan face wash also works like magic which you can include in your daily skin care routine. Ubtan face wash is best for acne prone and oily skin. With its natural ingredients it helps to heal multiple skin problems at once by cleaning all the pores on your skin. It makes your skin soft and glowing while reducing acne breakouts.

Even if you are using ubtan as a mask then only wash it off with water as there is no additional soap required. It can be used daily with no worries of over usage. This proves ubtan or ubtan face wash can be an amazing replacement for soaps or other synthetic skin products. It helps to lighten your skin by removing all dirt particles and attain your original complexion.

No doubt natural products do wonders to your skin but people with serious skin problems should not depend on these forever. It is better to get an appointment with a dermatologist and get your condition checked. Visiting skin specialists once in a while can really help to prevent major issues in future. They can help you professionally with damaged skin and prescribe suitable treatment for healthy skin. Be aware of your pimples, redness, inflammation and itchiness increasing to extreme levels and if it does happen then it is time for a checkup.

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