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Roses- Your Ultimate Skin Savior

Life is not a bed of roses. Everyone must have heard of this saying. So what if it is not, it means the struggles are always there and each day is a new challenge. While you face new problems every day, there is one more important problem that you should never neglect. It is your skin problem which may not be in extreme condition but it always requires good care. It is known how nowadays people are busy in their daily life schedule and barely get time for themselves. Many of them manage to take out time for the spa and salon sessions to take care of their appearance. However there are still several people left who don't get enough time.

All these beauty hacks found on the web are helpful. Especially for those who don't want to engage in longer skin care treatment. The essential products that you should own are rose water spray and rose face wash. Nothing is better than a natural harmless skin care product which only takes up a few minutes. You can also store rose water spray in the refrigerator so it feels more soothing while using. There are many benefits of using it as it helps to soothe skin irritation, redness and any signs of inflammation. It also heals burns and scars so it is very convenient for medical purposes. Rose water spray helps to prevent skin infections and keep your skin hydrated as well as fresh as rose.

Making your skin care routine based on these two products can help you with a lot of factors without requiring anything more. Just like that rose face wash containing antioxidants helps to reduce acne breakout on your skin. It also treats all sorts of blackheads, pimples and acne scars. Wash your face with cold water and apply rose face wash that helps to get rid of all dirt particles clogging your pores. It nourishes and lightens your skin complexion to its original form by making your skin texture smooth.

Don't worry if you don't have a skin care routine yet. By following these basic steps, you can do a lot to help your skin stay healthy and glowing.

  • Cleansing: A proper wash up session is a must after a long tiring day. Use cold or lukewarm water along with rose face wash and gently massage your face. This way it will soothe your skin and help to cleanse it thoroughly. Rinse off properly and pat dry your face with soft clothing.
  • Toning: This helps to clean off any residue of makeup or cleanser off the skin completely. Using rose water spray as a skin toner proves more worthwhile instead of other chemical toners which dehydrate the skin. This will keep your skin hydrated and clear of acne problems.
  • Moisturizing: End your quick skin care routine by applying some moisturizer so that it keeps the skin layers moist and prevents dullness. You can also use coconut oil or aloe vera as a natural moisturizer and leave it to soak in overnight.

The best advantage of owning natural products is that they are not limited to only one use. Rose water spray besides being essential for skin, can also work its magic on hair as well. Its beneficial properties make it a valuable source for hair and scalp. Few of these benefits are:

  • it reduces dryness in hair
  • it reduces dandruff
  • helps to improve hair growth
  • helps to control oily scalp
  • helps to repair hair damage
  • treats headaches with its scent

How amazing it would feel to have your hair look shiny and silky with the fragrance of rose water filling in the air? Studies also show it helps to lift your mood and reduce irritation. One more advantage for women with curly hair is they can use rose water spray to make the frizz in hair go away. 

Since there is no problem about reaction upon using it, you can simply dab some cotton in rose water and apply it on your scalp. It also comes in spray bottles which you can directly spray onto your hair. Otherwise add some in your shampoo and conditioner to use it altogether.

Home remedies are always effective. Although they may not show results sooner like with synthetic products but still work well. Rose water and glycerine mixed together is a great solution for skin and hair problems. 

Add both ingredients together in equal amounts and mix it well. You can apply it directly on your hair or spray it through a bottle to treat dry hair. Let the mixture sit for approximately half an hour then wash it off during shower. This will help to repair your damaged hair and lock moisture in your dry hair making it look shiny.

For skin purpose, you can also add lemon to the mixture of rose water and glycerine. Apply it on your whole face and leave for sometime. Wash off with water only. It is used to treat dry and dull skin by reviving it into glowing and soft skin. People with skin irritation problems can also heal rashes, scars and itching. You can also apply it for lightening skin complexion as it works as exfoliation. These ingredients are promising for the result as rose water helps to soothe skin and glycerine supplies moisture throughout the skin.

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