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Treat Your Skin With Nature

Getting insecure about your skin is common nowadays as through the wide use of social media, people come across many celebrities, models and  makeup artists who wear their perfect skin with no blemishes, no sign of acne and no wrinkles! You must have wondered what’s stopping you from achieving that ideal skin. It might be because of some common mistakes or to be specific some bad habits that stand as an obstacle between you and your flawless skin.

Having said that, let’s have a look at what are those bad habits that you must be carrying out on daily basis and ruining your face: 

  • Not wearing sunscreen while being exposed to the sun- not only the sun rays cause sunburns but they also contribute to signs of aging and increase the risk of skin cancer.
  • Using wrong and harmful makeup products- makeup items that do not suit your skin type can make it harsh and sensitive.
  • Washing your face excessively- too much cleansing of face can deprive it of the natural oils and make it appear irritated.
  • Sleeping with makeup on- all the dirt, pollution and makeup laid on the face before sleep can make your skin vulnerable to breakouts, clogged pores and ruin the complexion.
  • Contact of cellphones with the skin- our skin being in constant touch with the mobile screens can develop problems like acne breakout, itching and complicated skin diseases

All these problems can be solved if we change our habits and lifestyle. However, people who are conscious about their skincare routine still face issues like acne, pimples and dry and flaky skin. No worries because we got you covered up. Two most important elements that you need to add in your life are rose water spray and ubtan face wash. If you want your face to be radiating and nourishing, then these two products must become a part of your daily routine. 

Our rose water spray price in Pakistan is pocket-friendly and easily accessible through our website. A rose water spray is widely used to make one’s skin refreshing and young. Not only it soothes our skin, but also keeps it hydrated. Apart from using this essential water spray on your face, you can also apply it on your hair and scalp to get the best results.

Benefits For Face

  • The spray gives a rejuvenated look to your face
  • It calms the skin against any inflammation issue
  • The rose water spray boosts up the hydration and moisture in our skin
  • It lessens any symbol of wrinkles and sagginess on the face
  • The rose water is effective in unclogging the pores and getting rid of any toxins
  • It makes your skin firm and resilient

Benefits For Hair

  • Rose water contains useful nutrients that make our hair soft
  • The quality of being anti-inflammatory helps in fighting against scalp issues for instance psoriasis and eczema
  • It helps in controlling the fizzy hair while making them shiny as well
  • It cuts down the excess oils in the scalp that further lead to dandruff in the hair
  • The vitamins in the rose water spray add to the growth of hair

Let’s have a look at another significant natural remedy that can make our face glowing and nourishing. Ubtan is the solution for all your problems starting from acne to tanning.Ubtan keeps your skin moisturized and young through its exceptional qualities and gives outstanding results. Likewise, an ubtan face wash carries out the same function while being easy to use. Go through the following ubtan face wash benefits and see how it affects your skin.

  • Owing to its medicinal properties, the ubtan in the face wash provides your skin with calmness against tan and heat by the sun. It heals such problems and gives your skin a soft appearance
  • The powerful impact of natural ingredients found in ubtan help your skin to look refreshed and hydrated. 
  • Ubtan is responsible for lightening dark spots and blemishes on our face, and as a result you get a glowing and smooth skin. 
  • The anti-aging trait vanishes away all signs of aging from your skin and makes you look younger and beautiful.
  • While getting rid of acne, pimples and other skin issues, ubtan promises to leave you with a revitalized and spotless skin.
  • This ubtan face wash is quite suitable for people with oily skin as it removes the excess oils from the skin and offers your protection from acne and pimples.
  • You can use this face wash to exfoliate your skin and eliminate the dead cells. 
  • Skin pigmentation can also be treated through the ubtan face wash as the turmeric found in it helps in balancing the skin complexion

Ubtan face wash is easy to use and with so many advantages its use has grown to a great scale. Other than that, ubtan itself can be used separately in several face masks or it can be directly applied on the skin to secure a glowing and flawless skin. Hence, nature is the best healing agent for our skin. It can help us attain a beautiful and unproblematic skin while soothing it. If you are dreaming to get perfect and ideal skin then you know what you have to do. Cut down the artificial and harmful products, and heal your skin with rose water and ubtan.

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